Friday, January 28, 2011

Snow, love it.

We’ve has several snowy days lately, like this morning, snow was falling; big lazy flakes blurring the world into soft shapes.
On days like this, sounds are muted, time seems to stand still.  
In the garden, the dead flower heads are covered in a thick icing of snow; shrubs are draped in a lacy shroud. 

When the snowfall ends and the sun peeks through the clouds, every tree limb and branch is covered in white.

You might think everything is white and boring...but just as snow hides a lot, it reveals more…

The sunlight reflecting off snow crystals really does make it look like there are diamonds everywhere, it’s real, not a cliché.

Step outside in the afternoon and the stark shadows of simple objects appear dark blue on pure white…art by nature.


 Then there’s the wind, molding the snow into ever changing shapes; like smooth waves piling up against a fence, ledges and curves contouring rocks.

Even the tiny footprints of many birds pecking at seeds scattered in the snow, create a striking tableau of shadows and shapes.

I sometimes hate a late winter snowfall when I’m longing for warm spring days, but I always appreciate the importance of snow and imagine the underground aquifers replenished, the soil enriched. Remember this when you have to clear the sidewalk…

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  1. I too love it when it snows like that! It has been raining here in Halifax....most of our snow is gone. We will likely get a few more snowfalls before it is all done and I will look forward to my snowy walks! But not so much the shoveling! ;)