Saturday, February 19, 2011

Scented orchids

Recently, I attended a large orchid show put on by the Southern Ontario Orchid Society. I thought it would be so nice to be surrounded by beautiful blooms on a cold blustery February day. I was not disappointed. The show boasted 6,000sq. ft. of orchids, one section for vendors and another for orchid displays. There was a stunning array of orchids of every size, shape and colour as well as mosses and small ferns used in the displays. Some orchids were hanging from branches and tree limbs, others nestled in moss or on weathered wood. Lovely scents wafted.

The crowds were incredibly thick from the beginning and it was hard to walk around but I had to check the sales tables. I was hoping to find a fragrant orchid that was easy to look after. One vendor in particular had a lovely display and was very helpful. I ended up buying two miniature scented phalaenopsis, 1 for my daughter and one for me. It has a soft baby powder-like fragrance.

I was going to leave when I spotted a very beautiful fragrant oncidium and well...I could not leave without it. It had a tall spike covered in small red and white orchids and a delightful fragrance.

This is a large mature orchid with 4 long flower spikes over 3 ft tall. It now sits in a south facing window where I can control the light level with a blind. Since only 1 spike is in bloom with the others in bud, it should bloom for a long time. The soft scent reminiscent of white chocolate fills the room with a gentle, not overpowering fragrance. Another way to cheer up a winter day.

We've had some balmy days this week and with the days getting longer and the sun hotter, I can feel spring in the air. Soon the first spring migrants will arrive and from then on my binoculars will get quite a workout.

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  1. I can't wait to smell my lovely new orchid!!! THANKS MOM! :)

    Hopefully, we can also get a smell of your new white chocolate orchid! Hopefully there will be a show here in Halifax soon.