Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Every season has it’s beauty

The deep freeze is upon us; chilly winds, snow squalls and endless snowdrifts. All this on top of the ice storm that left at least one inch of hard ice under the snow. I pity the owls, hawks, foxes, deer…really all wildlife trying to find food in these hostile conditions. For humans, it’s business as usual, just open the fridge…imagine our ancestors and how difficult it was to stay alive.

An icy coating on everything

It is comforting to know that in 6 or so weeks, Redwing Blackbirds will be returning from their southern digs, red epaulettes flashing against the blue sky, singing their raucous greetings. 

.In the meantime admire the changing scenery; snow sculpted by the wind, elongated purple shadows on white, iridescent sunrises, crimson sunsets…there is beauty everywhere!
Who said snow was white....

Late afternoon shadows

Winter Sunrise

Winter Sunset

Morning Sun halo
 Look beyond the salty sidewalks and you will see clouds dotting cerulean skies, sun halos and dark night skies with a generous sprinkling of diamond stars. 
 Sun halo, preceding a storm

Take a moment to breathe in the fresh crisp air and listen to the snow crunching underfoot. Dress for it and you will enjoy these moments. Each day is a gift, waiting to be unwrapped. Open it carefully, for it is special ...

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